Leadership Team

Akhil Chandra

Akhil Chandra

Business Head

Akhil Chandra is Business Head - Godrej ASEAN, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL).

Akhil joined Godrej Indonesia in 2017, with over two decades of rich and varied experience in FMCG and OTC categories across the UK, Southeast Asia and India, with GSK Consumer Healthcare and Reckitt Benckiser Plc.

Prior to joining Godrej, he was based in London as the Global Head for Analgesics, Cold & Flu for Reckitt Benckiser. His previous assignment was as Managing Director for Reckitt Benckiser India and prior to that, he was the Vice President & General Manager - Asia for GSK Consumer.

In his various general management and senior commercial leadership roles, Akhil successfully led diverse and cross-functional teams to deliver transformational double-digit top and bottom line growth across markets and categories. Under his leadership, the Godrej Indonesia business has delivered excellently on both sales and profits.

Akhil enjoys outdoor activities, especially golf. He also loves working with people and large teams. One of his biggest learnings at Godrej Indonesia has been how to balance short-term and long-term strategies.

Akhil has an MA in Economics and an MBA from FMS Delhi. He is married to Madhulika and they have two sons, Armaan and Advait.


Director - Sales

Vivek Gambhir

Basuki is Director - Sales, Godrej Indonesia.

Basuki joined Godrej Indonesia in 2017 with nearly 30 years of sales experience. He started his career in the healthcare industry, and then took on various leaderships roles in multiple multi-national FMCG companies.

He has been instrumental in leading a critical go-to-market transformation and making the sales function at Godrej Indonesia more future-ready. This has included crafting a more agile, integrated approach and leveraging technology and analytics for strategic decision-making

Basuki has a Master's in General Management from Institut Pengembangan Manajemen Indonesia (IPMI). He enjoys spending time with his family amidst nature, and experimenting with Indian food.

Naveen Gupta

Cicin Winedar

Director - HR

Cicin Ruruh Winedar is Director - HR, Godrej Indonesia.

Cicin joined Godrej Indonesia in 2016, with nearly two decades of experience across talent management, performance management, organizational development and succession planning.

Her focus is on fostering an inspiring place to work at Godrej Indonesia, with an agile and high-performance culture that attracts and engages some of the best talent. Under her leadership, the business was awarded the ‘Best Employer Brand Award' at Indonesia's 14th Employer Branding Awards in 2019.

Cicin has played a key role in transforming people processes - rewiring the HR structure to be more focused on business partnership, and setting up a centre of expertise and shared HR services. She has also helped reshape the company culture, including establishing ways of working and enabling behaviour shifts.

She has a Postgraduate Master's degree in Psychology from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and is also a certified psychologist. Cicin enjoys spending time alone, watching movies, reading, and being out in the nature with her loved ones.

Dinesh Nambiar

Director - R&D

Omar Momin

Dr Dinesh Nambiar is Director - R&D, Godrej Indonesia.

Dinesh joined Godrej in 2013 as part of the Global R&D leadership team at Godrej Consumer Products in India. His expertise in R&D and quality operations is built across 21 years of experience in product development, manufacturing, developing quality standards and quality management in the pharmaceutical and FMCG industries across various geographies from the US to Japan.

Prior to joining Godrej, Dinesh was associated with pharmaceutical major Sandoz and was part of its Global Quality Assurance team based out of Munich, Germany. Dinesh moved to Godrej Indonesia in 2016 where he has played a key role in fostering a culture of innovation in the R&D team, shifting perspectives from an operational to a more scientific view of products. Under his leadership, the team introduced several firsts, including a disruptive, long-lasting paper-based mosquito coil – HIT Expert Pyramida – in Indonesia's coil-heavy market. The product delivers both superior quality and affordability, both key elements in Godrej's innovation approach to democratize categories in emerging markets.

Dinesh has a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Mumbai. He loves to read about Indian and Indonesian history, and hopes to one day become a mental coach for sport players.

Akhil Chandra


Chief Financial Officer

Kusumawati is Chief Financial Officer - Godrej Indonesia.

After five years of working as an external auditor and consultant with Arthur Andersen (now Ernst & Young), Kusumawati joined the PT Megasari Makmur Group as Financial Controller for its Food business in 1998. Within 18 months, the Group's non-food business was added to her portfolio.

In 2010, Kusumawati was involved in a 6-month project on the divestment of the Megasari Group from its shareholders before it was to be acquired by Godrej Consumer Products. She then led the transformation of the Finance team to ensure its alignment with Godrej's global policies and standard operating procedures.

In 2012, Kusumawati led the implementation of the SAP roll-out, building the corporate information backbone for the company. This project integrated all functions and streamlined operations to facilitate business growth.

In 2017, she took on the role of Chief Financial Officer for Godrej Indonesia. Today, her team comprises around 300 people across functions like Finance, Information Technology, Legal and Internal Audit. Under her leadership, the role of Finance has transformed and team is also currently responsible for driving strategic business partnering.

Kusumawati holds a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung, Indonesia.

Puneet Kusumbia

Director - Marketing

Anand Rangaswamy

Puneet Kusumbia is Director - Marketing, Godrej Indonesia.

In over 14 years with the Godrej Group, Puneet has worked across different Marketing and Innovation roles at Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL) and the erstwhile Godrej Sara Lee.

When he joined the Group in 2006, one of his key projects was working on the Goodknight brand. For eight years, he played a key role in helping the brand grow, building GCPL's leadership position in the Household Insecticides category in India. He helped grow GCPL to a leadership position in the coils segment, on the back of innovation and a strong brand strategy.

In 2014, Puneet took over as Head - Global Innovation, overseeing innovation and project management to support GCPL's 3 by 3 global growth strategy. He worked in India, Indonesia and Africa on the Household Insecticides, Air Fresheners, Hair Colours and Personal Care categories, developing a strong pipeline for innovation, backed by consumer validation.

In 2015, Puneet took on the role of Head - Marketing at Godrej Indonesia. Since then, he has led the scale up of future-ready marketing capabilities and focused on renewed innovation and brand strategy, resulting in the strengthening of its flagship brands - HIT in Household Insecticides, Stella in Air Fresheners and Mitu in Baby Care - all market leaders in their respective categories.

Puneet has an MBA from BIM Tiruchirapalli. He is married to Neha and they have a son, Parth. Puneet enjoys exploring newer destinations, and loves to spend time listening to music, watching movies and playing tennis.

Sunil Kataria

Rianti Tan

Director - Logistics & Branch Operations

Rianti Tan is Director - Logistics & Branch Operations, Godrej Indonesia.

Rianti joined the Megasari Group as General Manager in 1999 and worked in various roles across different business functions, before it was acquired by Godrej Consumer Products.

In 2010, she took on the role of Operations Director at Godrej Indonesia. Along with managing operations, Rianti also worked on a proposal to leverage brand promotions for the Sales and Marketing team. The success of this proposal resulted in her becoming Sales and Operations Director in 2012. During this period, she implemented a new inventory system built on the Theory of Constraints at Godrej Indonesia's central warehouse facility and all its branches. This resulted in quicker replenishment, increased warehouse capacity and improved productivity.

Rinati was instrumental in developing a GPS-based tracking system, which helped improve deliveries and reduce costs across branches. As Head - Logistics & Branch Operations, she encourages her team to adopt a customer-centric point of view for operational excellence. She partners closely with the Godrej Indonesia leadership team to improve operations and increase efficiency for customers, vendors and the company.

Rianti, who also enjoys cooking and baking, has a Postgraduate degree in Strategic Business Innovation from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Saurabh Jhawar

Director - Product Supply Operations

Anand Rangaswamy

Saurabh Jhawar is Director - Product Supply Operations, Godrej Indonesia.

Saurabh joined Godrej Consumer Products in India in 2013 as General Manager, Corporate Strategy and Planning. He has expertise in factory engineering and supply chain management, and has worked across multi-national FMCG and consulting companies.

His first big milestone at Godrej was managing the largest cost reduction project in India. The project subsequently helped the business improve EBITDA by 3% over the next couple of years. In his later role as Head - Supply Planning and Logistics in India, he helped improve service levels to neraly 98%.

In 2018, Saurabh moved to Indonesia. He currently helps regulate the business turnover, and leads various cost reduction initiatives to improve service level and gross margins.

Saurabh has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and an MBA from the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He enjoys morning jogs, trekking, badminton and spending quality time with his two daughters.